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The Chana


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Located at 25 Shimon Hatzadik, bordering Maalot Dafna and Arzei Habira. Newly built, with brand new furnishings, this cozy apartment sleeps 4. 2 in the bedroom and 2 on the couch which opens up to two, comfortable, separate beds. Fresh and clean, this apartment is fully euipped. Enjoy the quiet and privacy on your terrace while being seconds from Shmuel Hanavi, short walk to Geula and just a 25 min walk to the Old City! This apartment does not have a washing machine.


  • Bedrooms:1
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Sleeps:4
  • Size:40 (sq. m.)

Map and Address

Maalot Dafna

Maalot Dafna



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