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Maalot Dafna Penthouse


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Unique Penthouse, overlooking most of Jerusalem! In addition to the large salon, there’s a huge ‘chill room’ surrounded by windows. Really special property. Stairwell leads to private rooftop patio which can support a sukka for many people. Large en suite master bedroom, comfortable second bedroom and 2 small bedrooms which railroad into each other. 2 beds in each room. Separate laundry room, fully equipped kitchen, AC/heat in every room, wifi.. Note: Special deals are typically for low season rentals only. Price is not guaranteed until confirmed by the office.


  • Bedrooms:4
  • Bathrooms:2.5
  • Bathtubs:2
  • Showers:2
  • Sleeps:8
  • Size:180 (sq. m.)
  • Stories Up:8

Map and Address

Maalot Dafna

Maalot Dafna
Shuls, Park, Ramat Eshkol Shopping Center



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