About us

J Town Rentals


J Town Rentals began in 2008 as a local sublet business. Now, in our 8th year, we have become a full scale brokerage company, still servicing the locals as well as tourists and property owners worldwide.



All our units are Kosher. This means that everyone who stays in our rentals, understands that they must keep to a kosher standard. Some units are labeled KOSHER L’MEHADRIN. This is not a Rabbinic certification. We are only suggesting that it is a higher standard based upon our clientele. We make sure that our tenants are aware that only the most strict Rabbinic supervisions are allowed in this unit.

If you would like a mashgiach to kasher the kitchen for you, please contact us about this arrangement.



There are several ways of paying for rentals:

  • Checks in the mail to our main office in Jerusalem
  • Wire transfers
  • Deposit in US account
  • Credit card via Paypal

Some methods incur additional fees. Contact us for more info.



1/3 of payment is required at the time of booking. The balance is dues 3 weeks prior to the rental.

Once the allotted time has passed, the payment is nonrefundable. In some situations we may be able to provide a credit. Please inquire for more details.

Prices advertised on this site are subject to change at any time. Usually will be due to specific seasons or holidays. As well, some units require an additional cleaning or utility fee. The final price will be clear in the lease.



As we move up in the rental field, we at JTOWN RENTALS have incorporated a variety of services to provide outside of just rentals. See our “Furniture Packages” for the long termers, while we have a whole list of connections for tourists.

From concierge to catering, travel agents to tour guides, car and cellphone rentals, JTOWN partners with the best! Contact us for more info.